What are the classification and advantages of plastic trash bins?


The classification of plastic trash cans is introduced […]

The classification of plastic trash cans is introduced in detail:
Dark blue trash cans are recyclable garbage, bright red trash cans are hazardous garbage, emerald green trash cans are kitchen garbage, and dark gray trash cans are other types of garbage.
1. Recyclable garbage (dark blue trash can): including paper products, metal materials, plastics, laminated glass, etc. According to the comprehensive solution of recycling and reuse, it can reduce environmental pollution and save resources;
2. Food waste (emerald green trash can): Contains food industry wastes such as leftovers, bones, vegetable roots, vegetables and leaves. Refining fertilizer is solved on the spot by biotechnology;
3. Hazardous garbage (bright red trash can): Contains waste batteries, waste LED lamps, waste water silver thermometers, expired medicines, etc., this kind of garbage must be unique and safe to solve;
4. Other trash bins (dark gray trash cans): contain bricks, kilns, porcelain, surplus soil, and toilet waste papers other than the above-mentioned types of waste that cannot be purchased. The use of environmental sanitation garbage landfills can reasonably reduce the cost. Environmental pollution of surface water, groundwater, soil layer and gas.
Advantages of plastic trash bins:
1. The plastic trash can product adopts superior injection molding processing technology-one-time injection molding technology. The product has no electric welding marks, no cracks, and the barrel body is generally smooth and clean, and there is no dead corner. The barrel body is easy to clean, easy to sterilize, easy to clean, and save cost.
2. Plastic trash can The trash can adopts the new design scheme, and the upper edge of the trash can has multiple ribs design scheme, which greatly increases the service life and weighing capacity of the trash can, and the maximum load capacity reaches 300 kg.
3. The quality of the plastic trash can is imported food-grade stainless steel PE raw materials. The lowest temperature can be applied in winter-30 degrees, and the safety application temperature in summer can reach 40 degrees.
4. Plastic trash cans are resistant to alkaline and alkaline substances and liquids, are not moisture-absorbing, and have strong corrosion resistance, and are not easy to dissolve weakly acidic and weakly alkaline liquids. Reasonably prevent the occurrence of conditions such as melting, cracking and melting when loading garbage.
5. The sealing cover of the plastic trash can body is made of 100% high-density high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) one-time injection molding process. During the production process, the injection molding process 4% high-quality German brand BASF to block UV raw materials, above 5% The color is melanin, and the first-grade color paste is used, and the durability can last for more than five years.