What are the tips for purchasing a toilet?


1. Measure the weight: Generally speaking, the heavier […]

1. Measure the weight: Generally speaking, the heavier the toilet, the better, the weight of an ordinary toilet is about 50 kg, and the weight of a good toilet is about 100 kg. The heavier toilet has higher density, solid materials and better quality. The simple way to test its weight is to pick up the water tank cover with both hands and weigh its weight.
2. Look at its water tank capacity: For the same flushing effect, the less water consumption is of course the better. You can bring an empty mineral water bottle and turn off the toilet water inlet. When the water in the water tank is drained, open the lid and add water to the water tank with a mineral water bottle. Estimate according to the capacity of the mineral water bottle. The water valve is closed to see if the water consumption is consistent with its mark.
3. Check whether the water storage tank is leaking: You can drip blue ink and other colored liquids into the water tank, and after mixing it evenly, check whether there is colored liquid flowing out of the toilet water outlet. If there is, the toilet has a leaking problem.
4. Check the components: you can press the flush button to listen to the sound. The clearer the sound, the better. Also observe the size of the water outlet valve in the water tank. The larger the valve, the better the water outlet effect.
5. To see if the glaze is smooth and bubble-free, you can use the principle of reflection to observe, and touch the toilet drain. If the drain is rough, it is easy to catch rubbish.
6. Measuring caliber: The glaze on the inner surface of the sewage pipe is not easy to remain dirty and can prevent clogging. It depends on the diameter of the sewage pipe. You can put your hands in it. The more free hand movements, the better.

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