What are the wonderful uses of home kitchen storage boxes?


If you want to maintain a comfortable and tidy environm […]

If you want to maintain a comfortable and tidy environment at home at all times, storage is the main role. With the improvement of modern living standards, every household item is not only fast to replace, but also difficult to throw away, which makes home storage a The big problem, the kitchen space is no exception. In fact, some families have large houses, but they still look messy. Most of this situation is due to problems with the indoor format or storage method.
The kitchen storage box has always been a problem that many families now want to solve, because many home appliances are now moved into the kitchen space, making the kitchen more congested, and some small items make the kitchen messy, affecting the appearance and the owner mood. So what is a good way to store the kitchen box in the home? Let's understand together below!
1. Reach out:
1) As soon as the cooking time is over, the kitchen will not be idle, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking vegetables, cooking... Therefore, for the operation of the kitchen, pay attention to "satisfactory", that is to say, to integrate the centralized kitchen space All functions are necessary to meet the needs of reaching, turning and operating.
2) First of all, the division and location considerations of each small functional area, such as: the space between the gas stove-microwave oven, sink-refrigerator, should be easy to cook, and it is also convenient to pick up and clean up.
3) It may be affected by some factors, and it is still a cautious attitude towards the open kitchen, but we should know that the open kitchen has many conveniences in use and operation.
2. Design fixed position:
1) The focus of the kitchen design-moving line, if you want to reduce the number of moving steps, try to put some commonly used tools, seasonings and other items near the cooking area.
2) Such as: sinks, pots and other utensils can be placed under the sink, and items such as pans, spoons, seasonings, etc. need to be placed near the gas stove, which can reduce some unnecessary actions and shorten Cooking time.
3. Integrate kitchen functions:
1) The practical spacing of the storage space around and behind the kitchen will be relatively narrow. When we use a microwave oven or clean up the tableware, we can almost complete the entire operation without walking.
2) The distance between the console and the storage cabinet at the back should be at least 2 people active to prevent knocking, 75-80cm.
3) If we want to be able to get the items we need within the range of movement, we can choose to put some of the more commonly used items in a local level with the view.
4. The restaurant helps to accommodate:
1) The general public's inertial thinking is to put all the tableware in the kitchen cabinets. In fact, we can also use the restaurant space reasonably, and it is more convenient to put some items in the restaurant.
2) Such as: chopsticks, tea cups, placemats and other tableware can be stored near the restaurant seat, no longer need to deliberately go to the kitchen, it is very convenient.

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