Should the colors of kitchen packaging boxes be diversified?


The beauty of the color of the kitchen packaging box is […]

The beauty of the color of the kitchen packaging box is easily felt by some people. Some market scholars even think that color is the first factor in deciding to sell. They found in a long market survey that some colors are used as kitchen packaging boxes for products, which will make the product Surprisingly undersold, gray is one of them. They believe that this is because gray is difficult to make people feel excited, and naturally the impulse to buy is difficult to occur.
For the kitchen packaging box to play a promotional role, it must first attract the attention of the customer, because only the products that attract the customer's attention can be purchased. Therefore, the kitchen packaging box should use novel and unique shapes, bright colors, beautiful and exquisite pictures, and each characteristic material makes the kitchen packaging box have an eye-catching effect, so that customers will have a fierce hobby when they see it. The unique and novel shape can attract customers' attention. For example, the shape of the wine bottle in the kitchen and kitchen box is generally dominated by a cylinder. Some wine bottles are modeled after the shape and are designed as complex anchors or human bodies. In a batch of bottles that are shaped as cylinders or cuboids, It will be very prominent and beautiful.
When the sun goes down, the sky is dark. When the sun rises again, the eastern sky becomes white. These four colors are important colors that control our daily rhythm. They can be used as sales colors. This kind of analysis has certain rationality for liking and hobby. They proposed that red, blue, white, and black are the four major colors for sale. This was discovered when making images of red, blue, white, black, green, orange, yellow, and brown and comparing them. Take red as an example, it has many images, and it is the image of the sun, fire, blood, etc. that has a strong connection with life. Therefore, red is very exciting. Blue, white, and black are also closely related to the sun, which is always high above the blue sky.

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