What are the common kitchen and bathroom storage boxes?


In home life, things in our kitchen are particularly nu […]

In home life, things in our kitchen are particularly numerous and messy, which requires kitchen and bathroom storage boxes to sort out. So, what are the common kitchen and bathroom storage boxes? What is the classification of Taizhou Huangyan Hexing Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. for everyone? Next, I hope to help everyone.
1. Common kitchen storage boxes at home-storage tableware
We are all in the kitchen, often because of cooking, there is a lot of dust in the kitchen, so if you don’t have cupboards and dishes, you can put them randomly, which makes the tableware covered with dust and the whole kitchen looks very Messy. And because the tableware is dusty, the tableware is prone to multiply bacteria, which is extremely harmful to people's health. In such a tableware storage box, the tableware is put into the box and installed, which avoids dust, protects the cleanliness of the tableware, and at the same time greatly saves the kitchen space, making the whole kitchen easier to order.
2. Common kitchen storage boxes at home-store rice and miscellaneous grains
Be aware that it is common for people to store rice and miscellaneous grains in their daily life, because these are the healthy staple foods that are necessary in our days. But we also know that these things have a shelf life, and they are very small, one by one, so it is particularly troublesome when storing and sorting. But with such a storage box, it is not a problem at all. A staple food is contained in a box, each of which is different from each other and isolated from each other, and will not present a mixed situation. And after you put it in the box, just pour it out when you want to use it, which is very convenient and fast.
3. Common kitchen storage boxes at home-storage knives
Knives are necessary for cooking in the kitchen, and in some more sophisticated households, there are more than just one in the kitchen. Sometimes, there may be a few, or even a dozen. Be aware that these props are different from kitchen utensils such as chopsticks or spoons. They are very sharp and may cause problems if you are not careful, so how to store the knives is always a headache for people. And this kind of storage box is just right. Inserting the blade of the cutter into the box not only avoids the direct contact between the blade and the blade, but also the blade and the dust in the air.

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