What factors are related to the load of plastic pallets?


1. The material that has a greater influence on the wei […]

1. The material that has a greater influence on the weight of the plastic pallet is its manufacturing material. If all materials are made of new materials and added other additives, then these plastic pallets have relatively good gravity-bearing performance in all aspects (dynamic load, static load, shelf load). Plastic pallets are made entirely or partly of recycled and used materials and have better performance. Therefore, when purchasing, we must explicitly ask for its production materials, and check the quality of the plastic pallets when paying for the manufacturer’s door-to-door delivery costs. If insufficient materials are used, the use of the product will also be affected.

2. Some plastic pallets can have built-in steel pipes. The plastic pallet has built-in steel pipes, which can increase the carrying capacity of the pallet and prolong the service life of the pallet. Generally speaking, the pallets on the shelves are designed with built-in steel pipes. Therefore, when the goods are loaded on the pallets, part of the weight will be applied to the steel pipes, thereby reducing the load of the plastic pallets and making the deformation of the plastic pallets smaller. Extend the shelf life. The service life of plastic pallets. The plastic pallets on the shelves can also be used to load goods safely.

3. The structure of the pallet has a great influence on the carrying capacity of the pallet. The bottom of the boat, the load-bearing capacity of the upper frame is quite good, and its structure can meet the width direction of manual hydraulic pallets, forklifts, and mechanical forklifts used in the length direction. The bottom is a square frame structure, which makes the bottom more uniform and bears greater gravity when stacked. The nine-legged type has low load-bearing gravity, the bottom is under nine-legged force, and the upper portion is hollow. It is suitable for carrying lighter cargo and has a lighter weight. Double-sided plastic pallets have the same upper and lower structure, and the structure design is more reasonable. When stacked, the lower force is more even. Therefore, the gravity bearing capacity is also great. In short, if the structural design of the plastic pallet is reasonable, the pallet body will receive uniform force. As long as other aspects are normal, the carrying capacity of the plastic pallet is relatively large.