What kind of plastic pallets should be installed with anti-slip mats?


When many people asked about plastic pallets, they were […]

When many people asked about plastic pallets, they were very surprised why some added anti-skid pads, but some did not. Many people felt that the anti-skid pads of plastic pallets were not very useful. Is this really the case?

The non-slip mat of the pallet is the rubber structure embedded in the pallet. It has lines on its surface. The material itself can increase friction and prevent the goods from falling. Many flat pallets will use it. The installation of anti-skid pads can increase the resistance of the pallet. When used with mechanical equipment such as forklifts, the pallet can better protect the goods. The anti-skid pad plays a role in buffering anti-skid between the goods and the pallet, which is the biggest reason why the anti-skid pad is installed on the plastic pallet.

Anti-slip mats are generally installed on the surface of the pallet contacting the cargo. In terms of processing, it is strong and stable after installation. It is fixed on the pallet. When the goods are placed on the surface of the pallet, it increases friction and achieves the purpose of non-slip

Whether to install or not, in fact, is mainly related to the purpose, and the goods loaded in different industries are different. Some goods have excellent stacking stability and are not easy to fall off. The non-slip lines on the surface of the plastic pallet design are sufficient.

Some goods are packaged smoothly or easily scattered, and they need to be fixed after they are neatly stacked. Anti-skid pads will be more secure.

It should be noted here that if the food industry, flour packaging, fertilizer raw materials and other companies have high hygiene requirements for trays, it is recommended to choose flat trays without non-slip mats, which are more convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

Of course, if your goods have high storage requirements and need a flat surface, which is not resistant to rust and wear, it is not recommended to install anti-skid pads.