What is the core concept of the storage box?


The core idea of ​​not blindly starting with a storage […]

The core idea of ​​not blindly starting with a storage box is: do a good design before buying.
1. It is a good classification of the things in the home and knows the magnitude / volume of each type. The volume of the item determines the storage method and container size, so correct evaluation is very important.
2. Understand the storage space. How many cabinets do you already have at home, or plan to add more furniture for storage? What is the space in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom? Check carefully and measure the dimensions of some key storage places (such as wardrobes, closets, drawers) for later use.
3. Allocate the sorted things to different storage spaces. In short, it is to think about where to put everything. Is the daily paper placed in the kitchen, bathroom or storage room? Where to put non-seasonal clothes and bedding? This piece should consider some basic principles of storage, such as placing heavy objects low, do not put anything afraid of moisture under the sink, etc., but also consider your own habits, item volume and storage space size.
4. Our preparations are basically completed here, and we can start to choose the appropriate storage. According to the previously measured scale, buy it against Taobao information. I recommend translucent drawers for wardrobe storage. MUJI is too expensive. Taobao now has many cheaper products, such as Tianma or Alice storage cabinets. According to the size of the wardrobe, buy different widths and stack them together. Whether it is pants, sweaters or T-shirt storage is very convenient, girls can also be used to pack bags.
Oxford cloth storage box is suitable for bedding storage. My non-season clothes are also put in this box after vacuuming. The transparent window is easy to identify the content. There are zippers on the sides for easy access. There are iron wires to support it. It is suitable for various spaces. The material is tough and not easy to damage. It can be used for a long time.
The sundries can be bought in small translucent boxes of the same volume, which are available in IKEA and Daiso. They can be stacked neatly so as not to appear messy, and translucent can be easily identified. For example, I bought a lot of IKEA's Samra. Sewing boxes, camera accessories, mobile phone accessories, and medicines are boxed separately. At a glance, access is very convenient.
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