Are the lighter colored plastic pots the better?


Many people think that the lighter the color of the col […]

Many people think that the lighter the color of the colored plastic basin, the better, but this is not the case. Use food-grade plastic. If you want to put it in the microwave, you must also use plastic products that can go into the microwave. As for other aspects.

If you buy small pots to hold the fruit, it will be placed in the house and will not be exposed to sunlight. If you buy a large one to wash your face or wash clothes, you should use it often, and sometimes it will be exposed to sunlight, so if you choose a dark color at this time, it will speed up the sunlight exposure, and the plastic basin will reduce the use time. This thing is case by case and has nothing to do with quality.

Generally speaking, plastic products are toxic, but when you use them for a short time, harmful substances will not be released, such as single-use mineral water bottles and so on. But if you use it repeatedly for a long time, or add hot water, or oily substances from leftover rice, etc., harmful substances will be released, which will cause harm to the human body.