Talking about the preparation work for making kitchen and bathroom storage boxes


After you have prepared everything you need to prepare, […]

After you have prepared everything you need to prepare, you can start work. The specific operation is very simple. We can partition the box first. If the box is relatively large, we can divide it into different areas and install different things. But if the box is relatively small, it can be used to hold a certain kind of things. This is definitely designed based on your own needs. After deciding how you want to partition, you can start manufacturing.

The paper tube needs to be processed accordingly. Because the height of the paper tube may be different, we need to cut the height of the paper tube to be similar to the height of the box, which can be slightly lower than the box, but not higher than the box. After all the paper tubes are processed, the actual storage box can be manufactured. It is to apply glue to one end of these paper tubes and stick them to the bottom of the box. Since the paper tube needs to be glued a little bit stronger, when cutting the paper tube, the glued end should be cut neatly. In order to increase the stability of the paper tube inside the box, the paper tube can be glued more compactly, one by one, so that the paper tube generally will not fall. After sticking, you can pour some glue into the gap, so the stability will be greatly enhanced.

Here a simple storage box for kitchen and bathroom is finished. You can store some small pins, perhaps some smaller things, inside. Especially for messy data lines, you can wind the data lines together and put them inside the paper tube, so that it won’t look messy and won’t be lost when you need it.