You ’re all squatting in the toilet. This is the correct posture.


The toilet is a thing that people love and hate. In the […]

The toilet is a thing that people love and hate. In the past, the pit-style was awkward, but now the toilet-style is too weak, so a unique toilet accessory was born-squat stool. Squat stools have become popular since they appeared on the ABC television show Shark Tank last November. The reason is simple. The squat stool not only returns people to the original state of "squatting" pits, but also perfectly interprets what is the correct squatting stance. In the West, scientists believe that humans have not evolved to the point where they can sit in stool, so the toilet seat is considered the main cause of hemorrhoids, constipation, and bowel disease. The emergence of squat stools can end these diseases and bring health benefits. That's why squat stools are so popular these days. Taizhou Huangyan Hexing Plastic Mould Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the manufacture of squat stools. Their sales have recently increased by 5 times, and they are still increasing. They firmly believe that squatting toilets will replace people's traditional toilets. Dare to love our squatting postures for so many years, come back from another angle!